Pinot Winegrowing

I love growing Pinots .......

My passion is the viticulture of winemaking, the foundation for all premium wines. While winemakers work their art and chemistry skills, I toil away in the vineyard babying the many plants with pruning, sunshine exposure, nutrients, spraying, weeding, manicuring cover crops, critter control etc.,and loving every minute of it.  All capped with the excitement of a bountiful harvest.

But it is much more than that, serving customers and sharing our mutual interests in wine is equally enjoyable and working with several of the best winemakers in the North Willamette Valley crafting Provincial’s wine is intoxicating (sorry).

How did it all start? As a hobby that went out of control. An engineering project had serendipitously located me in the heart of pinot country, the Willamette valley. I pursued the hobby with the purchase of a dozen pinot noir plants thinking that if I could make a good wine I could do even better if I grew the grapes. This budding interest got out of control when I attended viticulture classes at Chemeketa college in Salem followed by a planting of 80 pinot scions in 2002/2003. This subsequently grew to a provincial vineyard of several acres. I had completely succumbed to the viticulture bug.

Provincial Vineyards looks forward to serving.

Enjoy our winegrower wines, cheers!



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