Our Wines

The genesis of our wine’s journey is here, in our vineyard, where exercising best practices, we create the best possible grapes from our vineyard’s  terrior. This is Provincial; this is where the excellence of our wines are created. As the purple gems cross the threshold of the winery on harvest day, exclamations can be heard from the sorting line: “beautiful grapes, clean pick” as the sorters witness the uneventful roll-by. This then is our goal, to provide a premier North Willamette Valley winemaker with an excellent base product to produce a fine wine. Minimal wine making amendments are used allowing the vineyard to be present with you at the dinner table.

Provincial Vineyards is a grower using only our estate grapes in wines. The vineyard is located in the Forest Grove area at the Northwestern edge of The Willamette Valley AVA, annual production is 400 cases.

Pinot Noir

An estate Pinot expressing its terroir from a blend of dijon clones. Pressed at dryness and aged in French oak barrels (10 to 50% new). Earthy fresh dark fruit aeromatics, medium body, complex mid-pallette, vibrant acidity with a lingering finish describes the stylethe style of our Pinots. Pairs best with gently spiced, heavier fish and lean meat dishes. Only released after a minimum of 2 years of aging, it is styled to be cellared much longer. Fun to track and locate the peak phase!

Pinot Gris

A single vineyard, single block wine sourced from a total of 1300 vines. No oak used, this wine has crisp apple/pear notes. Clear, light and bright, it is extremely refreshing. Expect some additional weight and smoothness with age. This wine, in an Oregon warm vintage, works well as a stand-alone wine or dinner wine. Cooler years provide a dinner wine, bright and fresh with acidity that cuts through any sauce to add to the entrée’s flavor!


Our Rose’ is made from a 777 clone Pinot Noir. It typically presents itself with strawberry aromas and a bright pink hue coloring and continues with flavors of watermelon and green apple. In cool seasons, with slightly elevated acidity it has what seems like twists of key lime on the finish. This is summer and fall nectar. Try with poultry, especially Thanksgiving turkey!


Nova is sparkled using the charmat or closed tank method to produce a fruity and very fresh wine designed to be consumed while still young. Enjoy as is or use as a base for an Oregon style Bellini. Pairs well with life’s shining moments!


The Provincial reserve is not an annual production of course but when the growing season is perfect a cuvée of all three Estate Pinot Noir clones are paired with extended maturation and a fine grained French oak barrel to give you our very best. It is reserved for 3 full years before being released.